Want to play a (bi)weekly match against someone of your own level at your own time? Sign up for the SCHIET ladder here
Club Evening
Every Wednesday members can play as much as they like between 20:15 and 23:00 with each other
Members have the opportunity to enrol for the weekly training on Wednesday before the Club Evening
We organize a bimonthly tournament where members play with each other and other squash associations


[NL] SCHIET is dé studenten squashvereniging van Amsterdam sinds 2012. Zin om eens met iemand anders te spelen dan je vaste squashmaatje? Kom dan langs op de clubavond via een Try Out! Je kunt je hiervoor aanmelden via onze website. De clubavond is elke woensdagavond en begint met een training. Daarna kun je vrij spelen met clubgenoten zolang je wilt, met een eventuele afsluitende borrel in de Oerknal. Ben je gevorderd? Dan kun je je ook aanmelden voor de training op maandag. 
Naast de clubavonden kun je meedoen met onze interne ladder competitie om zo wat vaker een balletje te slaan. Ook organiseren we regelmatig toernooien en andere activiteiten. Wil je de uitdaging aan gaan tegen andere clubs? Dan kun je meedoen met een van onze competitieteams op de vrijdag of zondag. Heb je vragen? Stuur gerust een mail naar of loop langs op de woensdagavond na 20:00.
[EN] SCHIET is thé squash club for students in Amsterdam since 2012. Fancy playing with someone other than your usual squash partner? Then come and join us at the club night via a Try Out! You can sign up for this through our website. Club night is every Wednesday evening, starting with a training session. Afterwards, you can play freely with fellow club members for as long as you like, potentially ending with a drink at the Oerknal. Are you an advanced player? Then you can also sign up for the training session on Monday. Besides club evenings on Wednesday, you can take part in our internal ladder competition to play when it fits your agenda. We also regularly organize tournaments and other activities. Ready to take on the challenge against other clubs? Then you can join one of our competition teams on Friday. Have any questions? Feel free to send an email to or drop by on Wednesday evening after 8:00 PM.
We offer the possibility to get in touch with Squash itself, as well as Squash players, in an unbounded atmosphere. First, we have a ‘ladder competition’, where you are assigned a match every one or two weeks, as per your own choosing. Together with your opponent, you can pick the time slot you’d like to play. Through the ladder you can get in touch with fellow squash players in the region, and in particular players from our association SCHIET. To sign up, please follow the SCHIET ladder link. NB: there’s a small yearly fee to be part of the ladder. Second, we have clubevenings on Wednesday evening, where you can play with people of your own level. Furthermore, there’s a weekly training, and a bimonthly Sunday tournament. For players wanting even more: we have multiple teams enrolled in the Dutch Squash Competition, playing squash against multiple clubs on different levels.


We have some lovely volunteers who make this club possible:
Vincent Geeraerts
Tom Siebring
Chaim van Veen
Rob Konijn